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Where to Buy Chinchilla? (Safe & Healthy)

It is no surprise that when it comes to purchasing a chinchilla, most people don’t pay attention to from where they should buy their pet chinchilla.

Usually, you may purchase a chinchilla from a pet store but, if your local pet shop does not sell chinchillas then, you should move on to your next option to bring your pet chinchilla home.

If you are eager to purchase chinchilla then, you should double your efforts to look for a pet chinchilla in your local area.

Buying a chinchilla for the first time can be an exhilarating experience for anyone, especially for anyone who has never owned a pet before!

Before you start looking for a chinchilla, you should dedicate your time to learn as much as possible about the behavior, temperament, dietary needs, cage size, and other prerequisites that go into adopting a pet chinchilla.

Things to make sure when buying a chinchilla

If you are one step away from adopting a pet chinchilla into your family, you should consider the following factors to make sure that you buy a healthy and happy chinchilla:

Breed of the chinchilla

Similar to cats and dogs, there are several breeds of chinchillas to choose from—if you are truly adamant on adopting a pet chinchilla into your house then, you should be familiar with its breed type.

Where to Buy Chinchilla? (Safe & Healthy)

For instance, if you are looking for a long-tailed chinchilla or a short-tailed chinchilla then, you should be able to specify your needs to the breeder.

Or, if you okay with adopting a chinchilla of any kind, you should inquire the breed of the chinchilla from its previous owner, just in case you need to learn more about its kind.

Color of the chinchilla

When shopping for a pet chinchilla, a majority of the people has a color and breed preference.

For instance, they may be inclined towards a gray-color chinchilla or, they would want to buy chinchillas in various colors.

Chinchilla comes in various colors, which is a piece of good news for anyone who wants to buy a flock of chinchillas in different colors.


Age of the chinchilla

A chinchilla has a lifespan of 20 years, so if you have an age preference for your pet chinchilla, you should inquire it thoroughly from the chinchilla breeder or its previous owner, in case you are adopting it from a friend or colleague.

Size of the chinchilla

Chinchillas vary in terms of sizes; so, if you have a specific preference regarding the size of your pet chinchilla then, you should consider this factor when you go to buy a pet chinchilla.

Dietary needs of the chinchilla

If you are adopting chinchilla for the first time then, you wouldn’t have clue on what to feed it and how to feed it. Therefore, you should ask the owner of the pet shop or breeder to guide you on the dietary needs of the chinchillas under your care.

Common places to buy a chinchilla

Once you have familiarized yourself with the prerequisites that go into buying a pet chinchilla, you should start looking for places that sell chinchillas to its customers. The following are the common places where you can buy a chinchilla:

Where to Buy Chinchilla? (Safe & Healthy)

Consider adopting a chinchilla

Most people believe that they would find a pet chinchilla at a pet store but, the truth is that they can acquire a chinchilla via adoption.

So many abandoned pet chinchillas would be delighted to find a permanent loving home.

Also, if you do not believe in buying chinchillas from a breeder or a pet shop then, adopting an abandoned chinchilla from a friend or a rescue center would be a better alternative for you.

  • Many abandoned chinchillas are put to sleep due to certain undisclosed reasons. If you know an organization that rescues chinchillas, you should reach out to them to adopt a chinchilla for yourself.
  • Adopting a trained or pre-loved chinchilla would save you from the struggle of taming and training them. Chinchillas require additional care and attention, so adopting a trained chinchilla would simply require you to bond and connect with it.
  • Visit a rescue center in your local area to welcome a chinchilla into your family. Or, if one of your friends is giving away their pet chinchilla, you should volunteer to adopt the chinchilla.

Buy a chinchilla from a breeder

If you are eager to find a pet chinchilla then, you can reach out to a respectable and reputable chinchilla breeder in your local area, and take a chinchilla to your home.

Not every breeder can be trusted, so you should take time to research on the chinchilla breeder in your area and read the reviews online before making a final choice.

Consult the dietary needs of your pet chinchilla with the breeder and learn more about the behavior and temperament about the chin to become a good chinchilla owner.

  • A reputable chinchilla breeder is responsible for delivering a chinchilla to your house, and they would provide you with the meals recommended for the chinchilla.
  • They would monitor your house’s surrounding to ensure that you are capable of training and raising a chinchilla under your care.
  • A breeder sells chinchillas in various sizes and colors, so the purchase price of the pet chinchilla would be based on the breed type, color, and size of the animal.

Buy from a local pet shop

Not all pet shops specialize in selling a chinchilla to its customers; however, if you are lucky enough to find a pet shop that sells chinchillas then, you should make a trip to the pet shop with a sound mind to buy a chinchilla.

  • You should make sure that the pet chinchilla of your choice is healthy and tame.
  • Observe the temperament of the pet chinchilla in its cage, and take a note on how it interacts with its mates.
  • You should request the owner of the pet shop to allow you to handle the chinchilla to ensure that it is friendly and healthy. However, if the owner refuses to take any action then, you should look for a chinchilla in a different store.


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