If you have recently adopted a chinchilla, then you must be quite curious as to how you can train and tame the animal.

Chinchillas are cute and fluffy animals.

The first few days of bringing a new pet to your house can be stressful since you don’t really know what to do and not do.

I remember when a brought my first pet chinchilla home a few years back and had no clue how to bond with my pet or how to train it properly.

The first few weeks, I would watch different videos related to chinchillas and read several blogs to find out how to train my pet.

I even used to call my friends who owned chinchillas for a few years in the middle of the night to give me tips on how to take care of my pet or how to make my pet like me.

I cannot lay enough stress on training and taming your pet chinchilla from the start and bond with it; otherwise, this cute and adorable animal will turn into your worst nightmare ever.

Chinchillas have a temperament, and if they don’t like you or if they are not taken care of properly and trained well, then they will end up being aggressive towards you.

You don’t want to know how aggressive these fluffy animals can get.

How to Train & Tame Chinchillas? (Step By Step)

I still remember how many times my pet chinchilla would bite me when I would try to reach towards it.

I most certainly don’t want you to repeat the same mistakes I did, which is why here is a complete step by step guide to help you train and tame your pet chinchilla.


Allow your pet to trust you

Training your new pet is not an easy task if it does not trust you.

During the first few days, your target should be to make your pet be comfortable around you and build a trust level with you.

You should not aim towards training or taming your chinchilla until it feels safe around you.

You need to bond with your pet before you start training it.

Building trust is a slow and steady procedure, and you will need to have the patience for it.

Talk to your pet in a soft and calming voice and put your hand inside the cage but don’t try to touch or hold the pet.

Whenever you need to feed the pet or give it a dust bath, approach it slowly but directly.

Make it feel safe and secure

To make your pet chinchilla feel safe and secure always hold it by the base of its tail instead of grabbing it by the end or middle of its tail.

How to Train & Tame Chinchillas? (Step By Step)

When you grab the end or middle of a chinchilla’s tail, they start thinking that they are in danger.

Make your pet come to you

The best way to make your pet chinchilla come to you or to make them do anything you want is by offering them the right treats.

Find a treat that your pet enjoys eating the most.

Place a small amount of treat in your palm to make your chinchilla come to you.

From my experience, I would recommend you to treat your pet with raisins since chinchilla love to eat something they can chew on.

Your pet chinchilla won’t come running to you as a dog would, but with a little time and patience, you will get there too.

It is all about your chinchilla feeling safe and comfortable around you.

Once your pet starts feeling comfortable around you, then you won’t have to use treats to make it come to you.

Make your pet use a litter box

Chinchilla tends to pee and poop a lot.

It is crucial to train your pet chinchilla to use a litter box.

Otherwise, you will have poop lying around your home.

I learned this the hard way and didn’t want you to have the same experience.

How to Train & Tame Chinchillas? (Step By Step)

Firstly, monitor your pet for a few days and note the spot where your pet goes to urinate.

Chinchillas tend to choose a specific spot in their cage where they go to urinate.

You can observe the wet spots and place a litter box at that spot as it will help in designating that specific for urination.

Once the chinchilla gets used to urinating in the litter box, you can place it anywhere in the cage, and your pet would be trained to pee and defecate in the litter box only.

Stop your pet from biting

Due to their aggressive nature, your pet chinchilla may tend to bite you when you come closer to their cage.

It can happen because they don’t trust you or are comfortable enough around you.

Chinchillas think that by biting anyone who comes close to them, they can make the person leave them alone.

The logic behind this is that when a chinchilla bites a person, he or she will flinch and yank away their hand to go and treat their wound.

How to Train & Tame Chinchillas? (Step By Step)

Chinchillas believe that biting is the best way to make someone leave them.

Therefore, if you want to stop your pet chinchilla from doing this, you need to stop flinching and pulling away from your hand as soon as it bites you.

Wait for a few minutes for the chinchilla to stop biting you and then continue picking up the chinchilla.

Don’t forget to yell ‘No’ firmly to make your pet understand that this behavior is not acceptable at all.

Introducing to other animals

Chinchillas are social animals.

One day or another, you will need to introduce your chinchilla to your other pets or your friend’s pets.

However, before introducing your pet to someone else, it is essential to make your chinchilla trust you.

You can introduce your chinchilla to another pet by placing their cage next to its cage.

Make sure to limit their time together so that they can adjust to each other.

You can allow them to play together for a little time and start increasing their playtime together gradually.