The past 10 years there has been an increasing demand for fur coats made of rex rabbit fur. Unlike common rabbit, rex is a totally new species. It is a cross breed between chinchilla and rabbit. This genetic mix produces a fur with a set of amazing properties. Common rabbit has earned a bad reputation in the fur world because of its low durability and the fact that it sheds from day one. Many consumers are skeptical when it comes to rex, as well. Like any material, rex rabbit fur coats have got negative and positive aspects, one should consider prior making his investment.

Positive aspects

  • Suppleness: Chinchilla has been renowned for this unique property and it has surely passed it to the rex rabbit. A rex fur coat, ranks in the list of top three softer furs, along with Chinchilla and sheared beaver
  • Durability: It is a high quality material and it has a lifespan of 5-10 years. It will not rip, at least not more than a beaver fur or a fox fur.
  • Ecology: Rex rabbits can be consumed for their flesh. This gives them a huge advantage over other types of fur.
  • Alternative: Modern techniques can replicate the colors of a chinchilla. A rex rabbit colored in chinchilla style, is a sheer pleasure to the eye. It resembles so much of a chinchilla, in terms of color and texture, that many experienced buyers had fallen victims of fraud in the early days. They could not tell the difference between a rex and a chinchilla and they ended up paying fortunes. Fortunately, the market is more well informed now days.
  • Price: Rex rabbits are economic but they do not come cheap.They replicate very fast and this makes the pelts available in sufficient quantities.

Negative Aspects

  • Durability: Although a rex will not rip and it will shed less than a common rabbit, it will still shed a bit. This will not create an issue, like bald spots. However you will experience hair on your clothes.Buying a sheared one, will dramatically decrease the impact of this hazard.
  • Warmth: Their insulation index is high. Higher than a leather jacket but it cannot beat a fox fur or a beaver fur coat. You should consider wearing it in warmer months of winter.

In conclusion, rex rabbit fur coats have come to stay. As the consumers learn more and more, their confidence in this relatively new fur type is increasing. Fur designers love it and promote it. Their competitive prices and fine attributes make them an appealing purchase.