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Product Description


Chew toysChew toys


Material: corn leaf,rattan, alfalfa grass and sweet bamboo,apple wood,teeth grinding stone,Style: pastoral seriesFunction: grinding teeth, toys

Package Included:1 x apple wood block1 x Alfalfa hay cakes apple sticks3 x Rabbit Grass ball3 x Carrot2 x Molar Block with Rope2 x Apple Stick RingApple Sticks 50g (1.76 oz)Natural Sweet Bamboo Gauge 50g (1.76 oz)

Notice:Color may vary because of the weather.

Selected first-class wood, natural sun drying, strict control of dehydration rate.Polished many times, smooth corners to ensure that your pet will not be injured.Not only are high quality toys, but also are bite-resistant molar tools.Helping them play around their environment in a new fun way.Help the small pet get rid of bored in the cage and looking for a bit of fun.Suitable for rabbits, bunny, guinea pigs and other small animals.Great for playing and nibbling, help prevent boredom.These cute toys are durable,our rabbit will love to tear them to pieces and it will keep our little friend from destroying other things in our home.Our rabbit can throw them and run around with them in bunny’s mouth, which is absolutely adorable.

Rabbit Grass ballRabbit Grass ball


Molar Block with RopeMolar Block with Rope

Carefully woven and tied, an ideal toy for all pets.

Rattan ball more durable,100% natural materials, no-toxic and harmless.Carefully woven and tied, an ideal toy for all pets.our rabbit will love them,these balls will keep our pet occupied for well over a month or even more.Pet will love throwing them and chewing.They are also a good size for our bunny.Each ball is about 7cm/2.75in diameter.

Three carrots toy

kathson products are simulated carrots,Rabbits naturally love carrots.These carrots are well made and completely natural,since it’s made of edible natural fiber,we will have no concerns for the rabbits health.The rabbit played with them as well as chewed on them;They will last for a considerable timeEach carrot is about 10cm/3.9in long and 2cm/1in wide.

Multifunction features:

Teeth Grinding Lava Block for Hamster, Chinchilla, Rabbit.Relieve our little pet joint pain, regulate the motor nervous systemPet teeth are grow fast,if a long time without grinding teeth,teeth will stabbed the upper and lower jaw in the time of eating,and thus more and more anxious, depressed, anorexia, the more thinNatural grinding stone chinchilla toys effectively help rodents small animals grinding teeth,to prevent the incisors too long to affecting eating,rich in unique high calcium element.

 Alfalfa hay cakes apple sticks Alfalfa hay cakes apple sticks

100% Natural and safe:

It is made by hand from natural apple twigs and alfalfa, which is safe for your small pets.Our professional drying techniques make the apple sticks very chewy and retain the original flavor of the grass cake.The alfalfa cakes provide balanced nutrition for your pet’s daily needs.

Apple Stick RingApple Stick Ring

Natural Sweet Bamboo GaugeNatural Sweet Bamboo Gauge

Apple SticksApple Sticks

Balanced nutrition:

The bunny chew toy is handmade .Molar Herbage lollipop is a favorite snack for rodent pets. They will chew all the chewing snacks completely and have good molar effect.Rich nutrition it is a kind of green and natural tooth grinding snack. It is delicious and healthy. It can also clean the teeth and has a good effect on the teeth of small animals.

Sweet bamboo chewing sticks 50g(1.7oz)

Our bamboo stick is made of high quality bamboo grown in the natural environment, which is safe and healthy for small pets.It has gone through layers of screening, soaking, washing, drying and other processes, so it is very clean and healthful.Our bamboo stick is tough and perfect for grinding teeth.It is also rich in xylitol and coarse fiber, making it sweet and delicious.

Apple wood chewing sticks 50g (1.7oz))

Small rodents’ teeth are growing so fast. If they don’t grind their teeth for a long time, the teeth will go into the upper and lower jaw when eating, then they will become thinner and more and more anorexic.It provides roughage which is good for digestion and may aid in relieving intestinal inflammations and mild pain.Our professional drying techniques make the apple sticks very chewy while filling up on nutrient elements.

apple wood blockapple wood block

Bunny chew toys for teeth grinding:

The small animals chew toy which is made of apple wood string with different shapes for safe and healthy use. It provides long lasting chew and playtime fun.It gives your pet a treat and have hours of fun watching them play. Suitable as chew toy for squirrel, hamster, chinchilla, parrot to grind their teeth.The chew stick is good for the teeth. Small animals that move teeth must grind their teeth.

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 1 x 1 x 1 inches; 1.21 Pounds
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ September 27, 2020
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ kathson
ASIN ‏ : ‎ B08K7KLM4N

✔【BALANCED NUTRITION】: Our natural treats are made from alfalfa grass and apple wood sticks.we select high quality wood and control production process strictly. More comfortable for use and good for your lovely pets’ teeth. It is a very healthy nutrition combination for rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs and other small animals.
✔【BUNNY TREATS BALL TOYS】:It is the perfect size roll around, bounce and play fetch,great for destructive bunnies & chewing guinea pigs! Fun natural toys for small critters! Cute Carrot Color is very bright, especially to catch the eye of the pet,promote interaction between pet and we.
✔【APPLICABLE and FUNCTION】:The sweet bamboo sticks are good for teeth grinding to prevent teeth from growing too fast and too long. The toys can also distract your pet from biting the cage and sleeping bed.Ensure small pet teeth healthy growth can also be let themselves in a cage bored biting looking for a bit of fun.
✔【RODENT NECESSITIES】:These chew toys with exquisite and beautiful shape, after special anti-corrosion technology, not only are eco-friendly toys, but also are bite-resistant molar tools, ensure the healthy growth of small pet teeth, wholeheartedly care for your favorite  for rabbits,bunny,guinea pigs,chinchillas,hamsters,gerbils,rats and other small pets.


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