Chinchilla is a famous pet animal in North America.

It is cute and sensitive, it has a friendly character due to which people love to bring him in their homes.

They are herbivores and eat only plants, 야채, and fruits.

They have a sensitive digestive system; if they overeat, they become sick.

The chinchillas have the thick coat of the fur on them, which can add the beauty on their looks.

Sometimes their fur can cause different problems to them like they can have skin diseases or have fleas in their fur.

Almost every warm-blooded animal can get infected by the fleas; chinchillas are not an exception.

Even if you bring it to your home and chinchilla spend all the time in your home, there is a chance to get infected by the fleas.

How chinchilla get fleas?

The leading cause of the fleas is that you also have other pets in your house like a cat or dog.

When this fluffy animal goes out of the house, it easily gets infected by the fleas.

They bring fleas along with them and transfer fleas to the other pets of the house.

The fleas can even enter your house by the shoes and the clothes.

The fleas can be found in the ventilation shafts of your houses, and they can fly to reach their victims.

Sometimes the chinchillas get fleas from the pet store from you buy them, because the pet shops have different animals, so some have fleas.

How dangerous fleas are

The fleas can be found in the fur of the animal and stick to the skin to suck the blood from the body.

They can bite to suck the blood, which is dangerous for the chinchilla’s even it is dangerous for their lives.

The fleas can cause various types of skin infections to the chinchillas.

Sometimes they can cause the anemia disease to the chinchilla due to the massive blood loss.

친칠라는 벼룩을 얻을 수 있습니까? 증상은 무엇입니까?

Symptoms of fleas

There are few symptoms of the fleas if your chinchilla is infected by the fleas you can see his change in behavior.

The chinchilla becomes restless, if he has wounds, then they turned in to the kinds of warts.

Some animals can feel the itches of the fleas and gets irritated.

The fleas can be seen in the form of the black grains attached to the skin of the animals.

In some cases, the chinchilla may suffer from hair loss.

Treatments for the fleas

There are many different types of treatments available in the market for the treatment of the fleas in the animals.

The basic treatment can be prepared by the solution of the vinegar, tar, and the soap.

You must have to clean the whole room in which the chinchilla lives, with this solution and make the chinchillas take bath often.

In some serious cases, the treatment for chinchillas is the use of anti-parasitic drugs.

친칠라는 벼룩을 얻을 수 있습니까? 증상은 무엇입니까?

You can use the fleas killing shampoo and the fleas clearing gels on the fur of the chinchilla.

There are many fleas killing powder available in the market you can you them by consulting the vets.