Chinchilla is the small burrowing rodent commonly found in South America.

The sensitive animal with the sensitive digestive system has a large head, big eyes, rounded ears, broad snout, and the beautiful dense fur.

They are known to have the temperament, and they can eat particular food items.

If you are planning to bring a chinchilla in your house, then it’s critical to know their dietary patterns so that they remain healthy and active.

They are herbivorous animals so they can only eat the plants and the parts of the plants like roots, stems, and leaves.

Their primary diet contains the high amount of the fiber and the carbohydrates.

These fluffballs eat some kinds of fruits once a week because the fruits can contain a high amount of sugar, and the sugar intake is dangerous for them.

These furry pets can even eat some fruits seeds and nuts.

Does chinchilla eat broccoli?

The chinchilla can eat the different types of plants, and the vegetables are the parts of the plants.

But the vegetables contain different nutrition values than the plants.

The broccoli is the edible green plant belongs to the family of the cabbage.

The broccoli has a sizeable green head which is just like the tree structure and has leaves in its surroundings.

It contains calcium, sugar, and the phosphorus, which is dangerous for the chinchilla’s health.

These nutritional values are acidic in nature and can affect the digestive system of the chinchilla.

The chinchilla can eat the broccoli, but after the time they may become ill.

The chinchilla’s stomach can’t bear the heavy amount of the phosphorus and the calcium and cause the different types of stomach diseases and even bloating.

So for the chinchilla, broccoli is a big NO! No matter how healthy it is for us humans.

What can happen if chinchilla eats the broccoli?

The chinchillas eat in the small portions and can eat at the same time of the day.

They have a sensitive digestive system that can get disturbed by overeating or by adding new food in the meal.

Even their pellets should be clean after every meal, and they can drink freshwater only.

The broccoli is enriched with the acidic contents, and the chinchilla stomach is vulnerable for diseases by consuming such food.

The chinchilla becomes sick or even get died due to the imbalance of the nutrients.


Never take the diet of chinchillas for granted

Chinchillas are one of the cutest pets to keep but require a lot of care, especially when it comes to dietary habits.

So, it’s crucial to give them right things to eat according to their metabolism and digestive system or else you’ll end up having a sick and diseased chinchilla that you surely won’t like to have.

Every chinchilla has quite a distinctive nature when it comes to eating habits.

If you feel like your chinchilla is in pretty good health loves to be treated with broccoli, you can provide it with broccoli every other day but in minimalistic amounts as possible (approximately size of a thumbnail).

If you are still confused, contacting your veteran is never a bad idea!