Chinchillas are amazing pets, and you will have a great time with them.

They are unique and not like any other animal that you can adopt.

Chinchillas tend to be quite self-sufficient, and they grasp onto things easily.

Once you tame and train your pet chinchilla, you will notice how smart chinchillas are.

Chinchillas have a good memory, which makes it easy for them to learn new things and adapt it into their routines.

Chinchilla’s life span is around 20 years, and they have a high intelligence level, which makes them quick learners.

If you want to know how smart chinchillas actually are then here are some examples for you that will make you realize just how intelligent these cute and fluffy animals are.

친칠라는 똑똑합니까? (일부 예)

They can memorize their name

Chinchillas have a great memory, and they can learn their names through repetition.

After some time, they will get used to you, calling them by a specific name also start to respond to you when you call their name.

They will move towards you whenever you say their name and you can even make them follow your commands by calling them.

I have noticed that whenever I call my pet’s name, it stops whatever it is doing and runs towards me to sit on my lap.

They can take a dust bath by themselves

When I got my first pet chinchilla, I thought that it would be very hard for me to look after them and it would be a 24×7 duty.

However, I was wrong since chinchillas are self-sufficient animals, and they follow their natural instincts once they get hold of something.

Therefore, you won’t have to do any hard work for giving them a dust bath.

Just place the dust container near them, and they will start taking a bath when they locate the dust container.

They can be potty trained easily

The best thing about chinchillas is that it doesn’t take them a lot of time to be potty trained.

When I brought my pet chinchilla home, I was terrified of the mess that it was going to create by urinating everywhere in the house.

However, I was wrong as my pet chinchilla learned to urinate at a specific spot in its cage within a few days after I brought it home.

Even if you move the litter box to another place in the cage they will still urinate in the box.

They know where to look for treats

If you own a pet chinchilla, then you must know how much these animals love their treats.

친칠라는 똑똑합니까? (일부 예)

You will be shocked to know how good their memory and observation skills are.

I always used to put my pet’s treats in my pockets, and whenever my pet would want to eat its treat, it would come running towards me and pick the treat from my pocket.

They can find their cage easily

As mentioned before chinchillas have a great memory, which makes it easy for them to find their cage and not get lost in the home.

Other than this, they also memorize where you keep all of its treats and accessories.

Being a chinchilla owner, you must know how important accessories are for chinchillas and how much they love jumping, which is why it is always a great idea to install several shelves in their cages.

These animals are so smart that they can quickly memorize what accessory is placed on a certain shelf and if you a place their treats in a specific place in their cage then they will go their first whenever they want to eat a treat.