There is nothing like contemplating to hold your furry and fluffy chinchilla but, one should conduct research on how to hold a pet chinchilla properly.

Molte persone fanno l'errore di tenere in braccio un cincillà domestico in modo piuttosto frivolo e impertinente, ma potrebbe spaventare la poverina.

Instead, you should take time to learn how to make a pet chinchilla like you, so you could hold it and cuddle with it properly.

Why should you hold a chinchilla properly?

Chinchillas are delicate pets and their ribcage is extremely vulnerable, which requires a pet chinchilla owner to hold it gently and carefully.

Chinchillas are natural explorers and they usually take time to acquaint themselves with new surroundings.

So, you should let them explore your new house rather than holding or stroking it incessantly.

Also, if you rush into holding your pet chinchilla then, you might injure it if you do not handle it with proper care.

If you are familiar with the origination of chinchillas then, it shouldn’t come off as a surprise to you that chinchillas are preyed on by other animals in the wild, so it is absolutely instinctual of them to be nervous when they are in the presence of human beings.

In addition, chinchillas have the natural instinct to defend themselves, if they feel exposed in your presence, so you should approach them with a friendly demeanor, and allow it to sniff your hand.

How to handle a pet chinchilla

If you are committed to holding and handling your pet chinchilla then, you should start with getting their attention and befriending them slowly.

In other words, the easiest and safest way to hold a pet chinchilla is to befriend them, so they do not get defensive or feel threatened in your presence.

  • Start with stretching your hands to them; if a chinchilla is interested in being held then, it would allow you to pick it up.
  • Hold your pet chinchilla from the base of its tail, and lift it upwards gently without putting any strain or weight on its tail.
  • Then, put your hand under its belly to support its weight.
  • If a chinchilla feels comfortable and relaxed in your hand then, you can pull it closer to your body. However, if a chinchilla starts acting aggressively then, you should put it back on the ground.

Precautions to take when holding a chinchilla

Once you have learned how to hold a chinchilla, you should take special precautions to make sure that you are not hurting your pet chinchilla, such as:

  • Handle a chinchilla to gently and calmly to avoid any stress
  • If your chinchilla acts aggressive and brash towards you then, you should avoid picking it up
  • Avoid carrying pregnant female chinchillas to avoid any sort of distress
  • Make sure that a chinchilla is calm and amicable in your presence before you pick it up
  • Avoid from exerting pressure on its tail and ribcage to avoid further inconvenience