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How Big Do chinchillas Get? Different Sizes?

Did you know that domesticated chinchillas have a life expectancy of more than 15 years?

Well, that’s an interesting fact, but what’s more interesting is that chinchillas tend to grow gradually throughout their lives, which makes it challenging to pinpoint how big chinchillas may get.

The average height and growth rate of chinchillas is a subject of discussion and speculation amongst several chinchilla owners, so let’s dive into learning the truth behind this fact:

It is widely speculated that full-grown chinchillas can grow up to an average size of 23cm-38 cm (10 to 12 inches), and their tail grows up to a length of 6-7 inches for a long-tailed chinchilla.

At its full-grown length, a chinchilla can weigh up to 2 pounds.

Factors that affect the growth of a chinchilla

Certain factors, such as breed, dietary needs, genetics, environmental conditions, and similar factors have an influence on the size of a chinchilla.

While some chinchillas are likely to reach their maximum weight and height by one-year-old, some chinchillas continue growing throughout their lives.

Larger sized chinchillas can weigh up to 4 pounds, which shouldn’t be surprising due to their bodily size.

How Big Do chinchillas Get? Different Sizes?

Under certain circumstances, a well-fed chinchilla can weigh up to 6 pounds, which makes an extraordinary exception for a chinchilla.

As a chinchilla owner, you are responsible for feeding them as well as taking care of them, so you should provide them with a running wheel to help them maintain their health and weight in accordance to its height.

How big do baby chinchillas get?

If you are considering adopting a baby chinchilla then, you are in a treat for a small, fluffy, and furry friend.

A baby chinchilla can weigh up to 60gms to 80gms, and it continues growing until its maturity point.

Baby chinchillas are born with a dense fur coat, which further attributes to their size and weight, and they are heavily dependent on its mother for food to grow at a steady rate.

Small chinchillas are wobbly but, they are born with adequate body mass to help them survive in certain climatic conditions.

How big do adult chinchillas get?

Chinchillas do not reach their maturity years until they are two years old, so at this point, they start to lose body mass.

Once they are domesticated, they should be given adequate food to supplement their growth and weigh simultaneously.

A full-grown chinchilla can weigh up to 3.5 pounds and it could grow up to a size of 10 inches.

As another fact, female chinchillas tend to grow bigger than male chinchillas.

How Big Do chinchillas Get? Different Sizes?

How to make sure that a chinchilla grows properly?

Chinchillas are fussy and choosy when it comes to eating, so you should learn about their eating behavior and preferred dietary needs before adopting them.

Not all chinchillas eat what you would feed to another pet animal, so you should browse their eating preferences carefully.

You should feed a fiber-based diet to your chinchilla to ensure its proper growth or, else it would grow at a gradual rate.

You should buy pellets for a chinchilla in bulk to ensure that your chinchilla is well-fed at all times.

You should feed the recommended fruits and vegetables to your pet chinchilla from time to time to ensure that it is getting the right type of nutrition.


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