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What to Do When Got Bite By a Chinchilla?

The amount of times I have been bitten by my pet chinchillas is countless.

There was a time when I considered selling my chinchilla to someone else, but its adorableness and fluffiness stopped me from doing so, but this did not stop the constant biting every other day.

It was crucial at this point for me to figure out why my pet chinchilla keeps on biting me and how can I prevent this from happening before my whole body is covered from chinchilla bites.

I did a lot of research and started observing my pet to see the patterns and uncover the reason behind why chinchillas bite their owners.

Why do chinchillas bite?

Chinchillas have a temperament, and they turn aggressive if you don’t meet their requirements, which lead them to have stress and anxiety.

So, as I am a working woman, I could not take care of my chinchilla as properly as I should have, which led to it biting me all the time.

If you are also a busy person and can’t be there for your pet chinchilla all the time, then it is obvious that you will get bitten by your pet chinchilla several times.

Chinchillas also tend to bite people as a defense mechanism since I have a lot of experience in getting bitten by a chinchilla.

Therefore I can tell you what to do when you get a bite from a chinchilla.

What to do when a chinchilla bites you?

Chinchilla is a rodent, and it has overgrown teeth, which mean that its teeth will continue to grow throughout its lifetime.

Chinchillas have sharp teeth.

Therefore, a chinchilla bite can be very painful.

However, the best way to handle such a situation is to be as calm as possible otherwise your pet chinchilla will get more aggressive towards you.

Here are the tips for what you should do when a chinchilla bites you.

Don’t pull away from your hand abruptly

Flinching and pulling away your hand is the most natural and obvious reaction when you get bitten; however, it is important not to do so when you get bitten by a chinchilla.

Try to stay calm and don’t move your hand from where it is.

Chinchillas are unique in their own way because if you immediately yank away your hand, they will start believing that the biting is a useful and effective thing since it will make other people leave their territory which will make them bite you again if you try to enter their territory.

If you yank away your hand immediately after they bite you, then they will learn that biting is the best way to make people leave them alone.

Therefore, leave your hand in their cage after they bite you to show them that their biting was not effective at all.

What to Do When Got Bite By a Chinchilla?

If you show anger to them, then they will react back with more anger towards you and end up biting you again.


Yell ‘NO’ sternly

It is important for chinchillas to understand that biting is not a good thing, and it can hurt other people, which is why they need to stop being aggressive.

However, you should not be too rude towards your pet to make them understand this, which is why a stern ‘NO’ should work when they bite you.

Make sure that your voice is leveled and not too loud because loud noises make chinchillas scared, and fear can cause them to be aggressive.

Apply bandage

It is extremely important to treat the wound as soon as you calm your chinchilla so that you can pull away from your hand from their cage.

Since chinchillas have sharp teeth, therefore their bite can cause a painful injury, which is why you need to wash the wound and apply antibiotic cream to avoid any infections.

Cover the wound with a bandage.

However, if their bite was deep and the wound does not heal easily, then you will need to get stitches too.

How to handle a biting chinchilla?

The best way to handle a chinchilla that bites more often is to avoid the circumstances which cause a chinchilla to bite.

What to Do When Got Bite By a Chinchilla?

I have observed from my experience with chinchillas that they tend to get aggressive when they are not properly handled or tamed.

Therefore, if you handle your pet chinchilla in the right way and take care of them, then they won’t bite you unless you provoke them to do so.

You should not raise your voice in front of a chinchilla or try to hit them because it will make them afraid of people which can lead them to bite humans whenever they come close to them out of fear.

I got mostly bitten by my pet chinchilla when I would go to pick him up from his cage; therefore, I would advise you not to chase your pet around its cage as it is their territory and no one likes it when you invade their space.

Don’t make your pet think that it is okay to bite someone to make them go away.

What I started doing with my pet is that I would continue to pick up my pet from his cage regardless of the constant barking and to bite which led him to stop biting me within a few days.

This method helped me in teaching my pet chinchilla that biting someone is not alright, and it won’t be effective for making a person leave them alone.

Now you must be thinking that this method is quite dangerous since you will have to endure pain but don’t worry as I have got a solution for that also.

I used to wear leather gloves whenever I would pick up my pet chinchilla from the cage as it would protect my hand from the bite.

I also noticed that you should not give treats to your pets through their cage bars since it would make them think that whenever you stick your hand inside the cage, you have treats for them which would make them bite onto your hand or fingers.


We share the love of Chinchillas!



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