If you have a pet chinchilla that you just brought home and you want to build a strong relationship with it and make it like you, then I can help you with that.

Being a new pet owner can get a bit stressful since you don’t have any experience about how to take care of a pet on your own and develop a strong bond with them.

However, I can help you in making your pet chinchilla like you and bond with you by sharing my own experience with chinchillas with you.

Chinchillas are social animals, and they easily bond with new people after they get comfortable with them and start trusting them, so if you want to bond with your pet chinchilla, then trust is the first thing that you need to focus on.

Let’s get into the tips that can help you develop a strong bond with your furry animal.

Don’t set high expectations for your relationship

You may have always heard how easygoing and social chinchillas usually are, which leads most of the chinchilla owners to set really high expectations with their pets.

They start thinking that within a day or two, they will be able to bond with their pet chinchilla and live happily ever after; however, this is not what usually happens.

It will take you a few weeks or months, depending on your pet chinchilla’s natural for them to start bonding with you.

How To Make Chinchillas To Like You (Owner)

At the start, your pet might even dislike you or not be able to accustom to in your home.

It will take a lot of time for you to build a strong relationship with your pet chinchilla which is why it is important for you to not have any unrealistic expectations from your pet chinchilla and just go with the flow.

Chinchillas have emotions too, and it will take them a while to start liking you and being attached to you.

How to introduce yourself

Introductions can be really hard; I totally agree with that.

It can be quite confusing for chinchillas when they move to a new house and have to live with a family that they know nothing about.

Try to spend a lot of time with your pet chinchilla for it to get used to having you around them.

How To Make Chinchillas To Like You (Owner)

Be nice and gentle to your pet chinchilla so it can stop stressing about the completely new environment.

Allow your pet chinchilla to feel safe and secure around you before taking the next step.


First few days

For the first few days, your pet chinchilla will be scared and reserved around you, and it is better to leave it alone for some time to get used to its new home and stop stressing about everything.

Don’t take your pet chinchilla out to introduce it to other animals or friends until it gets comfortable around you.

Give your pet chinchilla some time to get settled in its new home.

Try to talk to your pet chinchilla with a soft voice.

Don’t pick your pet up in the first few days since it would be scared of you and out of fear it may also bite you.

Once your pet chinchilla starts trusting you after a few days, then you can start coming near it and lightly scratch its fur to show your pet some love.

Take care of them regularly

Chinchillas have a temperament, and it is crucial for any chinchilla owner to take care of their health, hygiene and overall routine.

Feed your pet chinchilla on time and give it a bath twice a week, so it does not get dirty.

By taking care of your pet chinchilla regularly, you can show them that you love your pet and want them to be in good condition.

Doing this will make your pet chinchilla start to like you and feel safe around you.

If you really want your pet chinchilla to start liking you then make sure never to forget following their daily routine since they tend to be strict with that.

If you don’t take care of their daily routine, then they will start stressing out, which will make them aggressive around you and bite you.

How To Make Chinchillas To Like You (Owner)

Not taking care of their hygiene can make them sick and get a fungal disease which will stress them out, so it is vital for you to give them a dust bath when they get dirty.


Playtime is the best way to bond with your pet chinchilla.

You can buy toys for your pet and place them in its cage so your chinchilla can have a good time.

Being a chinchilla owner, you should know how important toys and accessories are for these animals.

Make sure that your pet chinchilla has everything it needs so that it starts feeling comfortable and start liking you.

Get as many toys for your pet chinchillas as you can get for them to enjoy living with you.

It is crucial for you to make a good impression on your pet chinchilla within the first few weeks of bringing them home which is why you need to make sure that you have everything that they might want to use at your home.

Feed them what they like

As mentioned earlier chinchillas have a temperament and if you don’t take care of them properly then they will aggressive around you, which is why it is extremely important to feed them what they like to eat.

Food is an essential part of every chinchilla’s life, and if you mess up that, then they will never forget it.

How To Make Chinchillas To Like You (Owner)

There are certain foods that are safe and unsafe for your pet chinchilla which you should know about.

Other than this, chinchillas like to eat hay and pellets, which you can easily find from any pet stores.

Don’t forget to give your pet chinchilla treats since they definitely love getting them.

If you want to win the heart of your pet chinchilla, then always feed them what they love to eat.