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How To Take Care Chinchillas In Winter (So Cold~)

Chinchillas are unique in their own way.

If you are planning to adopt a chinchilla, then you have to the right place as I will tell you all about how to take care of chinchillas in winter.

You must be thinking that it would be hard to take care of chinchillas during the winter season, but you are wrong.

Chinchillas have a thick and dense fur coat which makes winters more suitable for them.

Chinchillas are the happiest in winters and get extremely uncomfortable during summers.

Even in the wild chinchillas can be found in areas that have an average minimum of minus five degrees Celsius, which means that they can easily tolerate freezing temperatures.

However, chinchillas cannot withstand high temperatures and humidity.

Chinchillas in the wild

Chinchillas live in the Andes.

How To Take Care Chinchillas In Winter (So Cold~)

These mountains are known to have high altitudes and can reach around 16000 feet, which means that the temperature would be extremely low there.

As chinchillas have a naturally cold habitat, therefore they have the ability to cope well in an area that has a low temperature.

The average temperature in these mountains reaches approximately 23°F.

In the wild, chinchillas tend to build their own homes in underground tunnels to keep themselves warm in incredibly cold temperatures.

As they are very social animals, therefore, they also tend to cuddle up with other chinchillas to keep themselves warm.

They also help to groom each other in the winter season.

Keep multiple chinchillas in one cage

As mentioned earlier chinchillas are social animals, which mean that they don’t like to stay alone for a long time.

It is always a great idea to place multiple chinchillas in a single cage instead of buying a separate cage for each cage.

It will also help you in the winter season as chinchillas love to cuddle with each together, therefore, they will keep each other warm.

Let them have a dust bath together

Chinchillas tend to groom each other during the winter season in their natural habitat to keep each other warm.

How To Take Care Chinchillas In Winter (So Cold~)

You can mimic their natural habits and let your pet chinchillas have a dust bath together in winters to keep them warm.


Do chinchillas need a heating pad/lamp?

As compared to other animals, chinchillas can survive easily in the cold weather.

They don’t have sweat glands and have a thick fur coat which protects from the cold, which is why they don’t require a heating lamp to keep them warm during the winter season.

Chinchillas are self-sufficient animals, and they can keep themselves warm with the help of their thick and dense fur during the winter season.

Other than this, using a heating lamp for chinchillas is not a good idea at all.

Heating lamps or pads may overheat your pet chinchilla, which can cause them to get a heatstroke that may become the cause of their death.

I would highly advise you not to place a heating lamp around your chinchilla’s cage as it may be fatal for them.

We share the love of Chinchillas!


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