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Do Chinchillas Like to Cuddle?

If you have recently adopted a chinchilla then, we believe that you must have hundreds of questions on how to handle or play with your pet chinchilla.

At a glance, pet chinchillas look super adorable and cuddly, and you believe that they would make excellent cuddle-animals, once they get to know you.

However, the truth is that most chinchillas have their own personality, and they might or might not like being cuddled by you.

For starters, chinchillas may look cuddly but, they are not cuddly by a measure.

Few chinchillas take several weeks to become familiar with their new environment, and they may lurk around its new owner before they befriend you.

Once a chinchilla gets to know you, it might be provoked to jump into your lap for snuggles and treats, and it might even possibly cuddle with you!

While a chinchilla may show affection and love towards its owners, it may not approve you holding it for some particular reasons.

Why should you cuddle with your pet chinchilla?

Are you on a move to adopt a pet chinchilla? Have you recently adopted a pet chinchilla and you are eager to learn how to cuddle with it? When is the right time to hold or pick up your pet chinchilla?

Once you have adopted a chinchilla, you cannot help but, stroke its head gently and lovingly but, you should take time to consider why you should cuddle with your pet chinchilla.

If you are expecting to seek emotional support from your pet chin then, you should ask your counselor to write you a prescription for a pet chinchilla as an emotional support animal.

Cuddling with a furry chinchilla releases happy hormones in your brain to help you calm down in certain situations.

Do Chinchillas Like to Cuddle?

It makes you feel pleased and relaxed at the end of the day.

However, you should learn about the temperament of chinchillas when it comes to holding them or cuddling with them; else, it may spoil its mood.

Would a chinchilla like if you cuddle with it?

It is a rare instance that a chinchilla shows inclinations towards people that want to cuddle it.

A chinchilla may make an adorable pet but, it isn’t a lap-pet or a cuddly-animal for the most part.

Most of the times, a chinchilla simply wants to explore its surrounding and munch on treats before calling it a day.

Chinchillas are playful, and they would want to climb on you when showing their playful demeanor but, it does not give you permission to hold it and cuddle with it.

It would rather prefer to run around in its play area rather than be still in one place.

In general, chinchillas make fun and lively pets, and they could be very entertaining once they befriend you but, unless your chinchilla does not want to snuggle with you, you should refrain from snuggling and cuddling with your pet chinchilla.

Or, you can take a hint from your pet chinchilla that if it is interested in snuggling with you; the best time to cuddle with a chinchilla is once it wears off its mother.

It would start craving the company and warmth of its mother, and if you treat it lovingly and gently then, it would be inclined to form a bond with you, which is a win-win situation.


How to pick up a chinchilla

If your chinchilla has asserted that it likes you and it admires snuggling against your warm and gentle skin then, you should come up with a plan of action to pick up your chinchilla.

Remember that chinchillas have a delicate bone structure, so you should take extra precautions when handling your pet chinchilla.

One of the best ways to pick up a chinchilla is to approach them with outstretched hands slowly and let them have the final say.

Stay calm and patient when approaching your pet chinchilla, and allow your pet to sniff your hands.

If they keep on sniffing your hand then, you should take the initiative to pick them up gently.

Place your hand on its torso and use your other hand for holding up its legs gently.

Hold the chinchilla closer to your chest, and let it rest its feet against your skin rather than allowing its feet to dangle in the air.

Keep in mind that you should hold your chinchilla firmly but, gently, and you should give them enough space to wriggle its feet in the air.

You should pay special attention when handling and cuddling your chinchilla, and if it starts to act aggressive—make sure to put it down.

Training a chinchilla to be held and cuddled

Training a chinchilla to be held and cuddle requires you to be patient and gentle.

You can start the training process by putting your hands calmly in its cage.

Allow your pet chinchilla to sniff your hands, and follow the aforementioned instructions to pick up and cuddle with your pet chin.

Do Chinchillas Like to Cuddle?

Stroke its head gently and give it a treat once you put it back in its cage.

Respecting your chinchillas’ space

Chinchillas are delicate but, rather aggressive pets, and they show aggression to assert their dominance.

Respecting the comfort zone of a chinchilla is essential to earn its affection and trust, and if you live in a noisy area then, you should provide a silent and soundproof space to your pet chinchilla.

You should let them befriend you rather than making attempts to befriend them then if you get lucky then, it would let you snuggle with it eventually.

Keeping an eye for health problems:

If your pet chinchilla is comfortable with cuddling and snuggling but, suddenly it starts showing discomfort and agitation towards you—it could mean that your pet chinchilla is in pain.Do Chinchillas Like to Cuddle?

Chinchillas that are in pain or, are experiencing physical pain do not like being touched or cuddled.

You would notice a sudden change in their behavior, and they would start skipping out on their meals and possibly bite you in the process.

You should consider consulting a vet regarding the possible health problems of your chinchilla and have it remedied accordingly.


We share the love of Chinchillas!


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