If you have decided to get yourself a pet chinchilla, then I would advise you to think again as chinchillas can be pretty aggressive animals.

These animals have a temperament and taking care of them is a tough job.

If you don’t take adequate care of them, then you will have to face their troublesome behaviors.

They have extremely complex needs, and it gets difficult to identify their needs most of the times, which leads to them getting uncomfortable and aggressive towards their owners.

Here are some signs that will show how chinchillas can get aggressive with their owners if not taken care of properly.

Chinchillas are aggressive animals

It is crucial to know that chinchillas tend to get aggressive towards their owners and cage mates.

Now the question arises that what do chinchillas do when they get aggressive.

They start lunging towards other animals or their owners.

Chinchillas will also start biting and barking a lot which can create a nuisance for sure.

I am sure that your neighbors would complain a lot due to the loud sounds of barking by your pet chinchilla due to its aggressive nature.

So, apologize to your neighbors in advance if you are planning to get yourself a pet chinchilla.


I have many friends who own cute and fluffy chinchillas.

I have heard a lot of stories from them about their pet chinchillas starting to bark in the middle of the night, and when they would come to make them quite, their pets would start barking at them too.

I have observed that the reason for their aggressiveness during the night is because they are nocturnal animals, which mean that they are most active during the night.

Other than this, pet owners get lazy at times and forget to take their pets for a walk or give them play time or follow their diet routine properly which could lead these pets to become uncomfortable and aggressive.

Chinchillas have a temperament, and they are hard to be taken care of so if you miss anything in their daily schedule, then you will notice their aggressive behavior towards you.

Once a friend of mine forgot to feed her pet chinchilla for a few hours, and when she opened the cage to feed her pet, she got bit by it.

Thus, it is crucial to take care of your pet chinchilla in the best way.

Why do chinchillas get aggressive towards cage mates?

It is not a great idea to put multiple chinchillas in a single cage as it can create aggression between them.

I have observed from different occasions that chinchillas get aggressive towards their cage mates due to lack of exercise.

Therefore, if you notice your pet chinchillas barking at each other, then you should take them out for a walk as this would help in burning down their energy and lower their aggression towards each other.

The basic care routine of chinchillas requires their owners to take them on a walk or allow them to play as it would help in making them tired and lowering their energy.

If they don’t do this, then they will end up getting aggressive towards each other.

Another reason behind chinchillas getting aggressive towards their cage mates could be the size of the cage.

Cages that are too small in size for multiples chinchillas can make them defensive and frustrated, which may lead to them being aggressive towards each other.

A few days ago I went to see the pet chinchillas of a friend.

When I went to her home, I saw two medium sized chinchillas in a small cage.


After petting them for a little while, my friend and I started talking about different things.

A few hours later, we noticed that both the chinchillas wouldn’t stop barking at each other.

When we went to their cage, we saw that they were also lunging at each other while constantly barking.

At first, we couldn’t understand why they were behaving this way, but later we realized that as my friend had been busy talking to me, she didn’t give them food or take them out for a walk which would have helped to wear off their energy.

Therefore, if you don’t take adequate care of your pet chinchilla, it would lead them to be aggressive.

Other than this, as both the pet chinchillas were too big to fit in comfortably in a small sized cage; thus they were defensive and uneasy.


How can you stop your pet chinchilla from being aggressive?

The most basic and essential way to prevent your pet chinchilla from being aggressive is to follow their care routine perfectly daily.

Make sure that you take your pet out for a walk to wear off their energy and don’t forget to feed them food at the right time.

As chinchillas are herbivores, therefore they would be interested in eating plants, herbs, leaves, grass, etc.


How to know your pet chinchilla is uncomfortable?

You won’t have to beat around the bush to know if your pet chinchilla is uncomfortable or not as it will be incredibly evident from their behavior.

You will see your pet knocking down things or scratching themselves continuously, which could be due to lack of hygiene.

It shows that if you don’t take care of their hygiene even then, they will get aggressive; thus another reason why you should not adopt a chinchilla.

They would also start rolling on the floor or barking nonstop.

Chinchillas have never been known to be the greatest pets due to their troublesome behavior and aggressive nature.


It is not safe to keep small children around chinchillas because if they get aggressive, they will end up hurting the children.

So, if you think that you can provide the perfect care to your pet chinchilla only then you should adopt one because trust me, taking care of a chinchilla can be tiresome and you will have to hear a lot of barking in a day.