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15 Reasons Chinchilla May NOT Be a Good Pet for You

If you are planning to add a chinchilla to your collection of furry animals, then, you should pay attention to the reasons that may make chinchillas a good pet for you.

Similar to adopting any pet into a family, you are taking responsibility to take care of and feed your pet chinchilla;

you are committed to protecting them from external damages as well as you are expected to learn about their dietary preferences and the things to feed them, once you have adopted a chinchilla into your family.

Taking care of a chinchilla is not the same as taking care of a cat or a dog.

Chinchillas are rather perky and quirky little animals, and they resemble the behavioural characteristics of a park squirrel, ferret, rabbit, and even a guinea pig.

If you have never met a chinchilla before then, you should know that they could be persistent and aggravated in a constrained habitat.

While chinchillas look friendly animals, they are far from being amicable, and they might throw tantrums and run around the house if it fits their mood.

They usually have a steady temperament, and they take the time to recognize you as its new owner.

Befriending a chinchilla is not as easy as being acquainted with a cat or a dog, and it may require you to show excessive care and commitment to take care of your pet chinchilla.

15 Reasons Chinchilla May NOT Be a Good Pet for You

Don’t get me wrong! Chinchillas surely do possess excellent characteristics that make them wonderful pets, but, it does not necessarily mean that they would make the right pet for you.

If you have a cat or a puppy strolling your house then, you should absolutely not think about adding a chinchilla to your collection of animals.

While cats and dogs do get along together, you cannot expect a chinchilla to resonate with your existing pets.

It has a mood of its own, and it requires ultra care for its protection.

If you are contemplating getting a pet chinchilla but, you are not sure of your decision—the following FIFTEEN reasons entail that why getting a pet chinchilla may not be a good idea for you:

Reason#1: They have a steady temperament

It is a common misconception that it is easier to befriend a chinchilla in comparison to other pet animals; however, the truth is that chinchillas could be stubborn to appease and control.

They wouldn’t fall for the sweet treats nor, pepping them endlessly would make them like you.

You have to be patient with your pet chinchilla, and you should take time to learn about its preferences, likes, dislikes, a favourite treat, and other essential things in its preferred arena.

If you rush into playing with your chinchilla, they might not like this forced behaviour, and they would force themselves into hiding.

The truth is that they have a steady temperament, so they would circle you, once they are ready to come out and mark their scent around their house.

Reason#2: Chinchillas are small animals

It is true that the size of the chinchillas is maybe crucial when adopting it into your family.

You cannot snuggle or cuddle with a chinchilla as per your liking, and if you live in a house with high-traffic, they would preferably hide into discreet spots.

It can get challenging to recover a chinchilla from a congested hiding spot, and if you are unable to scour it out then, it could get stuck in the hole for an eternity—and you wouldn’t want that.

Unless you have made all the necessary arrangements for a chinchilla, you shouldn’t consider buying them at all.

You would be expected to arrange for a cage for your chinchilla or, you should reserve a small arena for them, where they would be safe and secure.

15 Reasons Chinchilla May NOT Be a Good Pet for You

Also, the size and fragility of the chinchilla make another reason why it would not make a good pet for you.

If you squeeze your chinchilla firmly then, it may bite you, and it might plunge for a safe place in your house.

Reason#3: They do not make good emotional support animals

If you are looking for a small and easy-to-maintain emotional support animal then, you should probably remove a pet chinchilla from your list.

Take time to learn about emotional support animals or, ask your healthcare counsellor to counsel you on the right type of emotional support animal that you should get for coping with your anxiety and depression.

15 Reasons Chinchilla May NOT Be a Good Pet for You

Chinchillas tend to get anxious, scared, and even lost easily, and they might give you a hard time rather than serve as an emotional support animal to you.

If you are looking to seek emotional support from your pet chinchilla then, you wouldn’t be making a smart choice.

Reason#4: They do not make good cuddlers

Any pet owner would love to snuggle and cuddle with their pets after a long day of work.

If you were expecting your pet chinchilla to be your cuddle-buddy then, it would not make a good pet for you.

An untrained and un-socialized pet chinchilla would bite you if you attempt to snuggle with it, and it could further aggravate its temperament.

If you are looking for a cuddle-furry-buddy then, you should consider adopting a cat or a dog into your family.

Reason#5: They have a long lifespan

If you are an avid and dedicated chinchilla collector then, it might be good news for you but, it isn’t great news for anyone who wants to adopt a chinchilla for entertainment purposes only.

A regular chinchilla tends to live up to 20 years, which is an unexpectedly large lifespan for a small-sized animal.

If you are not truly committed to keeping a pet chinchilla then, you will get fed up of taking care of them, and you might want to give it away to a friend.

However, if your friend is not interested in adopting your chinchilla then, it may leave you with other options to give away your pet chinchilla.

Abandoning your pet chinchilla after keeping it for a long time should be the last thing on your mind, and if you are not fully prepared to take responsibility—then, you should sit out on adopting a pet chinchilla in the first place.

15 Reasons Chinchilla May NOT Be a Good Pet for You

Reason#6: They are stubborn

Before buying a chinchilla, you are expected to learn about their behaviour and eating preferences in detail to make sure that you are making the right decision.

Chinchillas are stubborn animals by default, and they do not cave in to your excessive pampering and affection towards them.

It takes an entire village to look after and care for a chinchilla, and if you are unable to keep up with the stubbornness and aggressiveness of the chinchillas then, they might make a terrible pet for you.

Chinchillas can be friendly and welcoming towards its owners, but, they usually take time to grow fond of you.

If you can keep up with its temperament then, it may allow you to train it to become social and amicable towards your family and you.

Reason#7: Chinchillas are nocturnal

Having a pet chinchilla does not mean that you can train it to sleep and wake up according to your preferences.

For example, if you have had a dog before then, you might have taken time to train it to sleep and follow your commands.

On the contrary, you cannot expect your chinchilla to do the same.

Chinchillas are naturally nocturnal, which means that they are actively active at night.

A pet chinchilla is likely to come out of its comfort zone when the lights are off, and people are in bed so that it could acquaint itself with its environment.

However, if you step out of your room to grab a glass or water, you should keep an eye on the floor to avoid any contact with your chinchilla.

If the nocturnal behaviour of your pet chinchilla does not bother you as much then, you may consider adopting it into your family.

Reason#8: They do not make good pets for small children

If you were planning on buying a pet chinchilla for your kid then, it wouldn’t make a considerate option for you.

Chinchillas are an antisocial animal, and they would rather lounge in their comfort zone than entertain your kids.

A chinchilla’s aggressive and spontaneous personality is not a good fit for young children, and it may try to steer clear from your child as much as possible.

Instead, you can consider buying a puppy or kitten for your kid—these animals tend to have a natural affinity for people, and they would befriend your toddler within no time.

Reason#9: You may get bored of your pet chinchilla

A pet chinchilla does nothing but, look cute and sleep, and that’s it.

You cannot expect your pet chinchilla to get along with you, and if you are expecting a playful endeavour from it—then, maybe it is not the right time for you to adopt a pet chinchilla.

Pet chinchillas are rather moody and aggressive, and they get along with its owner on their terms.

15 Reasons Chinchilla May NOT Be a Good Pet for You

If your pet chinchilla continues to exhibit its antisocial and aggressive demeanour then, you may get bored of it rather quickly.

Reason#10: Chinchillas have special needs

Chinchillas are delicate and fragile animals, and they tend to overheat and die under conditions that may fit well with your personal preferences.

Chinchillas have special needs, and they should be looked after meticulously and carefully.

If you have a busy work life or social life, you may not be able to tend to your pet chin’s needs, which may provoke it to succumb to loneliness, aggression, hostility, and awkwardness.

If you are not fully mentally prepared to cater to the needs of your pet chin then, a chinchilla may not be a good pet for you.

Reason#11: Chinchillas are chewers

Chinchillas are notorious for their aggressive temperament, and if their needs are not attended at the moment, they might throw a tantrum and start chewing on things.

Chinchillas are aggressive chewers, and if you do not chinchilla-proof your house, it may start chewing on doors, furniture, wiring, baseboards, and other essential items.

If you are not up to pay for the unwanted maintenance costs then, you should not think about adopting a chinchilla into your family.


Reason#12: Chinchillas are high-maintenance pets

What comes into your mind when someone mentioned the term “high-maintenance”? It means that one should go above and beyond a mile for maintaining or taking care of something.

Chinchillas are high-maintenance animals; therefore, you would be required to clean their cages and food bowls regularly to appease your pets.

If the cage is kept dirty for a few days, it may set your pet chinchilla into a tantrum, which is something that you wouldn’t want at all costs.

Chinchillas should have their cages cleaned regularly for the maintenance of their health and mood.

15 Reasons Chinchilla May NOT Be a Good Pet for You

Reason#13: Chinchillas do not get a pet insurance

If the country or state that you live in requires you to get insurance for your chinchilla then, there is a low chance that the insurance company would be adamant about issuing insurance for your pet.

If you are unable to get insurance for them then, you would have to pay for their expenses from your pocket, which may not be a suitable choice for anyone instantly.

If you are struggling to get insurance for your pet chinchilla, you should request the insurance company for pets in your local area to issue insurance for your pet chin so that you could afford its treatment, food, and other expenses.

If you are comfortable to pay for these expenses from your pocket then, you can get yourself a pet chinchilla.

Reason#14: Chinchillas can be expensive

Speaking of the insurance, if you pet chin is not insured then, you are expected to pay for their needs and vet bills from your pocket.

Not everyone can afford taking care of a chinchilla, and they would rather not adopt it.

The choice is yours!

15 Reasons Chinchilla May NOT Be a Good Pet for You

Reason#15: Chinchillas need constant attention

Once your chinchilla has gotten used to your presence, it may ask for more attention.

If you are unable to keep up with the neediness of your chinchilla then, it may not make a good pet for you.

Chinchillas make wonderful pets but, there are certain reasons that state otherwise.

If you are not committed to taking care of a chin, then, it would not make a good pet for you.

You would find it troubling to look after it and feed it around the clock, which could get overwhelming for anyone.

Always a reason why you need to adopt a pet chinchilla and ask yourself whether you are ready to take good care of it.


We share the love of Chinchillas!


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