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Can Chinchilla Eat Guinea Pig Food (Why)

Chinchillas are playful and adorable animals.

They are picky eaters since they have a sensitive digestive system.

Therefore you can’t just feed them anything you want to.

Being a pet owner, it is essential for you to know what you should feed to your pet chinchilla and what not to feed them.

Chinchillas are known to be a unique species, and they are somewhat similar to guinea pigs, rabbits, and hamsters, but it does not mean that their caring requirements match with each other.

Now the question arises whether you can feed guinea pig food to your pet chinchilla.

Before we get into this, we shall discuss the dietary requirements of both chinchillas and guinea pigs.

Dietary requirements of chinchillas

A well-balanced diet is extremely essential for the health of chinchillas.

Their dietary requirement includes 5% fats, 20% protein, and 30% fiber, therefore, you should not feed them guinea pig food.

These animals have a temperament, and if you don’t feed them a specific diet, they will get aggressive towards you.

Chinchillas are herbivores, which mean that don’t eat meat and prefer eating grass, leaves, plants, etc.

Can Chinchilla Eat Guinea Pig Food (Why)

The main food item included in their diet is high-quality grass hay.

Alfalfa hay and timothy hay is what most chinchilla owners feed their pets.

You can also feed them a small number of chinchilla pellets.

Make sure that the pellets are clean and fresh and contain as many green vegetables as possible.

Other than this, chinchillas also love a good treat but don’t feed them a large number of treats.

You can treat your pet chinchilla with grapes, raisins or apples.

Another thing that is a must-have in chinchilla’s diet is freshwater.

You don’t want your pet chinchilla to be dehydrated, right? So make sure that you provide your pet chinchilla with a bottle of fresh water to keep them hydrated.

Another important to keep in mind is to keep sugary and fatty foods away from chinchillas since they don’t do well with such foods and may end up getting sick.

Dietary requirements of guinea pigs

Guinea pigs tend to eat hay also, and most owners feed them timothy hay.

They also eat pellets which are enriched with vitamin C since they are unable to produce vitamin C on their own, which makes it essential for them to take vitamin C supplements.

Guinea pigs can also eat specific fruits and vegetables that match their requirements.

They can only eat a small number of fruits to stay safe from stomach aches.

Can Chinchilla Eat Guinea Pig Food (Why)

Can you feed guinea pig food to chinchillas?

Even though guinea pigs are similar to chinchillas, still you cannot feed guinea pig pellets to your pet chinchilla since they are specifically made for guinea pigs dietary requirements.

Guinea pigs can eat a large amount of water-based fruits, whereas chinchillas cannot consume too much water.

Chinchillas can eat dried fruits; however, they are too sweet for guinea pigs.

In a nutshell

Guinea pig and chinchillas are similar and eat the same foods, but you cannot feed guinea pig pellets to your pet chinchilla since they are specifically made for guinea pigs only.



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  1. I have a lil gray boy chinchilla and a light grey boy; I have fed them guinea pig pellets their entire lives and have seen absolutely no ill effect of the diet. My older is 19 years old and the younger is 9 years.
    I usually mix a small amount of chinchilla food in with the guinea pig pellets.
    My younger one has seizures and I finally figured out what exactly was causing it! The dried fruit in the chinchilla food was the culprit. So now I always go through the food like a rodent myself picking out all the fruit. He does not have seizures anymore.
    He’s a lil devil tho, lol he still loves fruit and will steal the apple peels I give the other chin and like clock work that night he’ll keel over on his side running and then just throbbing. I usually go and pick him up and catch his drool until he’s “back”. Then I put him back in the cage.
    My mother raised chin when I was little and like me their main food was guinea pig pellets and hay with occasional veggies and fruit skins.
    So, whatever the science I don’t know but mine are just fine on guinea pig pellets!


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