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Can Chinchilla Eat Cucumber & Why?

If you are thinking about bringing a chinchilla to your home, then you must be eager to know all about this species, what it likes or dislikes, what it eats or does not eat, etc.

Chinchillas are known to have a temperament, and they are very picky eaters.

As chinchillas are herbivores, therefore their stomach can get full by eating lots of plants, leaves and grasses.

Their diet should contain a great number of fibres, carbohydrates and proteins.

However, the percentages of fats and moisture in their diet should be kept low.

Can you feed chinchillas cucumber?

Yes, chinchillas can eat cucumbers, and it is essential to add them to your pet chinchilla’s diet.

Cucumbers are often mistaken as vegetables whereas, they are actually fruits.

They are antioxidants and contain many health benefits for chinchillas.

Being herbivores, chinchillas would love eating cucumbers for sure.


Enriched with fibres

As cucumbers contain a high amount of fibres, chinchillas would highly benefit from them.

It is observed many times that if fibre is not added in the diet of chinchillas, then their teeth become overgrown, which results in them chewing their own fur.

You definitely don’t want such an incident to happen to your pet chinchilla, which is why it is highly recommended to feed cucumbers to your pet chinchilla.

Cucumbers – A substitute for water

Chinchillas should always be kept away from water.

As they have a thick coat of fur, therefore even if a few droplets of water fall on their fur it gets hard for their fur to dry down quickly which leads to hours of them having to stay wet.

Being wet for too long can make them ill and can result in fungal infection also.

Thus, you should keep water away from them at all costs.

Can Chinchilla eat Cucumber & Why?

Now you must be wondering what does cucumber and chinchillas’ diet has to do with all this.

As chinchillas can’t drink too much water, there needs to be a substitute for water to keep chinchillas hydrated.

This is where cucumber can prove to be beneficial for your pet chinchilla.Can Chinchilla eat Cucumber & Why?

Cucumbers consist of 96% water, which makes them a great substitute for water.

Just like any other species in the world, chinchillas also need to stay hydrated.

Thus, eating cucumbers would keep chinchillas hydrated, and it would help them in staying healthy.


Low in fat and sugars

Chinchillas have a sensitive digestive system, which is why fats and sugars should not be included in their diet.

Cucumbers are known to contain only hints of sugars and fats, therefore eating cucumbers would not harm the digestive system of your pet chinchilla.

Can Chinchilla eat Cucumber & Why?

Can chinchillas eat cucumbers regularly?

Yes, cucumbers can be added to the daily diet of chinchillas.

However, make sure that you don’t feed your pet chinchilla too much cucumber as it contains a huge percentage of water which can turn out to be bad for them if consumed in a great amount.

Consuming too much cucumber would lead your pet chinchilla to bloat as they would be in taking a lot of water in one day.



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  1. Chinchillas cannot eat vegetables or fruits. Their digestive tract is extremely sensitive and this will cause bloat which can easily and quickly kill a chinchilla. I’m a exotic vet with 10+ year experience.


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