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How To Care For Baby Chinchillas?

Are you bringing home a new baby chinchilla or did your pet chinchilla give birth recently? If yes, then here are some tips that can help in taking care of your cute and adorable baby chinchilla.

Remembering about the day I brought my baby chinchilla home makes me nostalgic.

Being a new pet owner is scary on its own, and when you bring a fragile newly born chinchilla, it can be even scarier.

Baby chinchillas are also known as kits.

To make sure that your kit is safe all the time and does not get hurt there are certain things that you will need to take care of.

Cage construction and setup

First and foremost, you need to make sure that your baby chinchilla’s cage is safe and won’t cause your pet any injury.

A chinchilla’s cage is its home, and it needs to be a place which makes them feel secure and comfortable.

The cage should be large enough for your pet to jump around and feel happy.

However, don’t get a high leveled cage as your baby chinchilla might fall and get hurt.

The bars should not be too far away from each other otherwise your pet might try to escape or possibly get its head stuck between the bars.

The cage should be made from wood or wire.

How To Care For Baby Chinchillas?

It is important to place the cage away from direct sunlight indoors to keep the pet’s body temperature normal.


Bedding and flooring

Another factor that you need to take care of is the bedding inside the chinchilla’s cage.

There are some bedding options that can be fatal for your baby chinchillas, such as cedar and pine bedding.

You can install recycled wood pulp bedding or aspen fiber bedding inside your pet’s cage.

Since baby chinchillas are fragile creatures; therefore if you have a wired cage, then make sure to place solid flooring to cover the wired ground.

Baby chinchillas can get injured by getting stuck in the grills, which is why it is best to avoid wired flooring.

When my pet was small, I cut out cardboard and placed it inside his cage to avoid injuries.


Keep the kit warm

When chinchillas are young, their mothers keep them warm.

However, it can be hard for the mother to pay attention to every kit when the litter is large.

In such a situation, when the mother chinchilla is not available, you can keep your baby chinchilla warm by placing a heating pad under its cage.

However, make sure that the kit doesn’t get overheated.


Access to mother’s milk

Baby chinchillas feed on their mother’s milk for at least eight weeks before you should separate the kits from their mothers.

How To Care For Baby Chinchillas?

However, if the litter is too large and the mother chinchilla cannot feed every kit, then you can hand feed the baby chinchilla using homemade milk to match the mother chinchilla’s milk.


Weigh them regularly

Weigh your baby chinchilla at least twice a week to make sure that they are gaining enough weight.

A newborn chinchilla gains around 7 grams a week, so if your pet is failing to gain weight, then there is a huge chance that the baby is not getting a sufficient amount of milk supply.


We share the love of Chinchillas!


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