Chinchillas are curious little animals with an origin from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, and Peru in South America. In the western countries especially the UK chinchillas are bred as pets and they are sold in pet stores.

They are also bred in the US. If you are planning on petting a chinchilla, then it is very important to familiarize yourself with some facts about them.

Before I owned my first chinchilla one of the things that I really wanted to know was, are chinchillas friendly?

I searched all over the internet but all I could find were things about their behaviors and patterns which was not really answering my question. Well, nothing is worth much if the risk is not involved, so I decided to give it a try and see what happens.

After owning chinchillas for a few years, I can confirm that chinchillas are super friendly! They love attention and they like socializing.

They grow some type of love with their owners and enjoys interacting not only with the owner but also friendly to the other family members as well as other chinchillas. Their unique behavior patterns and characteristics set them a class apart from all your other pets.

More about chinchillas and how you can bond with your pet.

Chinchillas are very friendly, but they have some unique characteristics and behaviors that they display. All things considered; you need to know more about them before you consider petting a chinchilla. The following are some of the facts you need to know about them before having a leap of faith to purchase one.

  • Chinchillas are very clean and they rarely smell. As we said, chinchillas are unique animals, unlike your other pets who bath in water, chinchillas actually do bath in the dust. The dust usually removes the excess dirt and oils from their fur coat.  Enjoy some dust bathe with your chinchilla to make sure that their fur remains healthy and reduce their stress levels and to have fun with them as well but of course, it’s if you don’t mind getting some dirt on yourself. This will make your chinchilla bond with you as it will see how affectionate you are and it is going to reciprocate the same.
  • They actually have the softest fur in the world. They are known for having very soft fur and most people believe that it is the softest fur in the world. Chinchillas also produce much less dandruff compared to your other pets like your cats or dogs. Their fur is naturally impenetrable, so you don’t have to worry about fleas or mites. Which other pet can you say is free of fleas?
  • Chinchillas can learn their name. How about that? Chinchillas have a relatively good memory and they are going to learn their name with time. Repeat its name several times and you can be sure it will learn the name. I have been calling mine ghost and now it knows that’s its name. Whenever I say the word ghost in front of my chinchilla it usually responds. This something I didn’t know before I owned one and am happy, I owned one coz I can assure you they are more than just another pet.
  • A chinchilla can live up to 20 years. Chinchillas live for a relatively long time if they are given proper care by the owner. This means you can create a special connection with your pet and be with it for a long time.
  • They are excellent pets but can be shy sometimes. Chinchillas are extremely friendly, and they make excellent pets but sometimes they really don’t enjoy being touched and cuddled especially by strangers. At first, I was finding it difficult to cope up with ghost’s behavior because when scared the only thing it could result to would be biting! But with time after we created a bond, it really enjoys me, and we can even play together. So, don’t be lied to that they don’t like touching. Most of them enjoy it and only a few of them that don’t like touching. You need to understand that they are wild animals and it’s in their genes to try and elude danger, so if someone seems like a danger to them you can expect such a reaction. But if you are patient enough you will notice just how chinchillas can be fun to be around with.
  • Chinchillas adapt to the new environment fast. In most cases what causes stress on a chinchilla is noise. But you don’t have to stress yourself much because within a short time they will adapt to the new environment and you won’t have to worry about keeping them in places with minimum noise. In the first few months allow them to stay in their cages to adapt to the new environment and after that, you can be sure to build a friendship that will last for a very long time. Just be patient and give them time to adapt.

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Some of the frequently asked questions about chinchillas.

  • Do chinchillas like a cuddle? Unfortunately, most of them don’t like a cuddle, but in some instances like mine and ghost cuddling is possible. You need to develop a strong bond before thinking about cuddling. Again, patience is the key.
  • Are chinchillas aggressive? Chinchillas are not aggressive at all, they are friendly animals but on some occasions, they can result in biting because of being scared. But that doesn’t mean they are aggressive. In most cases, they are just sweet and loving.
  • Are chinchillas affectionate? Big capital yes! Chinchillas are very affectionate, and they just need a few hours of interaction daily and a very strong bond will be created between you two.


Chinchillas are extremely friendly cute little animals and you can create a special bond with them. If you and your chinchilla make a bond, you can be sure of having the best pet in the world.