It is extremely important for every pet owner to buy a safe and comfortable cage for their pet.

If you are planning on adopting a chinchilla anytime soon, then you need to buy a cage before you bring the chinchilla home so that your pet feels welcome.

It is vital for you to figure out what would make your cute and adorable chinchilla happy.

When choosing a cage for your pet chinchilla, it is essential for you to know what would make a good chinchilla cage.

There are several factors that you need to keep in your mind when shopping for a chinchilla cage.

However, before you go out looking for a cage, you need to find a place where you will place the cage.

Do you think you have enough space for a large size cage and can you afford one? If yes, then go for it! Also, decide a price range which seems reasonable for your pocket.


First and foremost, you need to think about the material that the cage should be made from.

Chinchillas are rodent animals, which mean that their teeth would continue to grow throughout their life.

To prevent their teeth from overgrowing, they tend to chew on everything that they come across to which is why it is important to buy a cage that is made from wire or some other kind of metal.

Make sure not to get a cage for your pet chinchilla, which is constructed with plastic or lead as chewing on these materials can be dangerous for your pet.

Also, metal bars can prevent your pet chinchilla from escaping the cage.

Another reason why you should get a wire cage for your pet is that it allows a good amount of air to flow that would make your pet feel relaxed.

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The next thing that you need to keep in mind is the size of the cage.

Don’t make the mistake that I did when I bought a small size cage for my pet, which caused my pet to get aggressive just to save some bucks.

As chinchillas are fairly large in size, therefore you need to make sure that you choose a cage which is at least 10 feet of cubic space so that your pet lives comfortably.

Other than this, your pet will require space for toys and accessories.

Chinchillas love to jump around, which is why they need a large space.

Number of chinchillas

You also need to consider the number of pets that you are going to place inside the cage before choosing one.

Since chinchillas are social creatures and they get lonely without company, therefore, it is a good idea to adopt two chinchillas at a time which means that you need to get a cage that is large enough to fit both of them.



Since chinchillas love to climb and jump; thus, it is a good idea to get a multi-leveled cage for your pet.

It will also help if you don’t have enough space to place a large size cage in your home.

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It is incredibly important to clean your chinchilla’s cage regularly since they get stressed when they see dirt all around their cage.

Having a cage which has a large door and removable floors can help in cleaning the cage easily.