If you have a pet chinchilla then, you should pay attention to its dietary needs.

Of course, a pet chinchilla has its own temperament, and it may ask for assorted types of food at a time.

Several chinchillas expert suggest chin owners feed apples or apple peels to their chinchillas for catering to their dietary needs.

Why feed apples to chinchillas?

If a chinchilla is not trained to eat well then, it may end up gulping random fruits and nuts around it.

For starters, a chinchilla should not eat cabbage or avocados; however, it can eat apples.

Apples are known for their sweet taste and tantalizing aroma, and it is one of the most popular fruits around the world.

If you have just adopted a pet chinchilla into your family then, there is a chance that you have always apple in your refrigerator or fruit basket that you can feed to your pet chinchillas.

Can Chinchillas Eat Apple & What is the Benefit?

However, the apple contains traces of calcium, which makes them sweet and acidic at the same time, so you should stick to feeding small cubes of apples to your pet chinchilla.

How many apples should you feed to your pet chinchilla?

The chinchillas can munch on apple peels without any problem but, they should not be given the core of the apple, as it could be harmful to their throat.

Also, make sure that you remove the excessive seeds from the apple slices before feeding them to your pet chinchilla.

When preparing apples for your pet chinchilla, simply dispose of the core and cut the apple into small and digestible cubes for your chin.

Why should you feed apples to a pet chinchilla?

Chinchillas are instinctively herbivores, which mean that they are inclined to eat plants and grasses on a regular basis.

The experts often suggest feeding them food that contains high amounts of protein and fibers but, it should also contain low amounts of moisture and fats.

Their overall diet should compromise of 15% protein, 30% fiber, 35% carbohydrates, and 4% sugar—and an apple slice ticks all the necessary nutrient profile for a chinchilla.

Benefits of feeding apples to chinchillas

Chinchillas love munching on fresh vegetables and healthy fruits. Apple cubes make a wonderful treat for chinchillas but, it should simply make up for 10% of its diet.

So, Apple is not necessarily a core of your pet’s diet, so it should be eaten in moderation.

Can Chinchillas Eat Apple & What is the Benefit?

Feeding apple in proportions to your pet chinchilla can boost its vitamin C and fiber, which is important for its nourishment.

How to feed apples to your chinchilla?

If you are wondering how to feed fresh apples to your chinchilla then, you can dice apple slices into cubes and put them in front of your chinchilla.

Or, you can serve dried apple cubes to your pet and it would enjoy it as much as it would enjoy fresh apples. Some pet stores carry pre-packaged apple slices that you can feed to your pet.