Some of you might know that a chinchilla is a rodent that people keep as pets. Although keeping chinchilla as a pet has been done for decades, the practice is getting popular only today. People do keep exotic animals like reptiles as pets. Yet, keeping a reptile as a pet can be dangerous, if not for you, then for your guests. However, a pet like chinchilla posts no such worry.

If you are still unsure as to what a chinchilla is, here is some general knowledge for you. Chinchillas are rodents that are found mostly in South America. These cute looking rodents are found in the Andes as well. Generally, the little ones are larger than squirrels and smaller than rabbits and are found mostly in Bolivia, Chile and Peru. The Chinchillas are basically wild rodents and therefore, taming those take quite an effort and time.

Chinchillas are used in many ways. Here is a look.

1. Pets: Chinchillas are exotic pets that need good care and handling. Since these are basically wild rodents, they need a good amount of time to get adjusted to their surroundings. These make good pets mainly because they are low maintenance pets. They are extremely inquisitive and boisterous in nature and also do not make too much noise.

2. Fur Industry: Chinchillas are quite popular in the fur industry. These little rodents have a soft lush fur which is in demand in the fashion industry. The chinchilla furs are ideal for small garments. The rodent derives its name from the Chincha people who wore its fur.

3. Scientific research: The chinchillas are used as an animal model in research. These little rodents have an auditory system which is similar to humans and therefore these are used in labs. These rodents are also used to study bacterial and viral diseases.

4. Breeding: A lot of people breed these rodents, some for the fur, others to sell them as pets. These pets are expensive.

Chinchillas are not used as food since they are small and do not have too much flesh. Whether used as pets or for their fur, the Chinchillas need to be handled with utmost care. These little ones can be aggressive and get irritated easily. When ticked off the female Chinchillas are known to spray urine. While this rodent doesn’t have too many uses, it is still an expensive pet and the benefits it reaps are also rich.

Source by Larry Luther